Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh, saturday.

I love waking up to storms on Saturday mornings...but I had to open today, so no sleeping in. I hated leaving Daniel all snuggled in this morning...I'm sure he loved it though. He likes taking up the whole bed and that proves to be difficult when I'm using half of it. I wanted to ride my bike this morning, but the rain definitely prevented that. I've only been here a little over an hour, but it's already been a very eventful morning.

Everyone's favorite pawn shop owner was waiting for me when I got here (he opens at 9 as well and likes to get his coffee beforehand). Normally, I'd be really annoyed that he was waiting for me...but I was running about 10 minutes late this morning...I like to allow myself at least 15 minutes to get all the opening tasks finished and got here at 5 til today. I told him I worked at Rivertown yesterday and then immediately following work, shot a wedding. He didn't know that I was a photographer but promptly started grilling me about camera equipment and whatnot. I actually enjoyed talking to him today.

Today is definitely a French Kicks kind of French Kicks Pandora station is perfect for storms.

Also...I looked up while I was making a latte earlier and saw a girl writing something while she was standing at the register...shortly thereafter, I found one of our markers where she was standing and noticed this is my tip jar.

(I blurred out her last name and part of her phone number.)

Annnnd...Carrie! I've had 2 different people try to buy my necklace off of me...haha. I get complimented on it every time I wear it, too!

Sorry it's not a great photo of it...I'll try to get a better one later. I got this from The Appleseed on Etsy! The Appleseed is run by a lovely lady named Carrie that I met while I was a student at the University of Alabama. She's super-crafty & posts lots of inspiring things and tutorials over on her should definitely go check it out! I've been on the lookout for some branches to make a jewelry stand based on one of her tutorials.

We're supposed to be having a Trunk Show for the Art Hive here at 3 was storming this morning and is still pretty cloudy, so I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not...I hope it does! I've been working like crazy all week to get some new stuff made. I got a few record clocks finished and 2 wood clocks as well...the bigger clock hangs funny (which I didn't check until last night), so it won't be for sale today...I've got to figure out a different way to hang it. I'm excited about getting some photos of all of my stuff and getting them online though!

Goal for July:
-open up shop on Etsy

Ok, it's been busy this morning and I have more customers coming, that's all for now.

I'll try to post some photos from the trunk show soon (if it happens)!!!

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