Sunday, May 30, 2010

happy sunday.

I am completely exhausted from yesterday...shooting weddings always takes it out of me. I'm about 30 minutes late for church right now, but I'm going to see a former bride's mother today and needed to burn some DVDs of their photos for I'm waiting for that to finish...then I'll go sneak in the back. I guess it's a good thing I only live about 3 blocks away from church. So for now, I'll leave you with a few photos...and even though you can't see them, I'd like everyone to know that I'm wearing my new ankle boots...and I'm pretty excited about them.

Sometimes my hair surprises me...I was so exhausted when I got out of the shower last night, I didn't even put any product in it...just slept with it wet. I was fully expecting it to be the most ridiculous sight I've ever seen this morning, but it wasn't. Please excuse the lack of make-up and dark circles under my eyes.

And I'm also wearing the necklace that Daniel got me at the Brooklyn Flea Market from his last trip to NYC. It's a vintage wooden whistle! And it's on a leather it.

Ok, DVDs are done...time for church now.

I hope you all have a happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

wishful thinking.

or blogging, rather...for some reason, I have throw pillows on my mind. It could be because I've been sewing more lately. I used to make throw pillows (or at least covers for them) pretty frequently. I would try to sell them at First Fridays here in town, but they never now all the ones I've made are scattered about our house. I don't know why I've always loved them so much...I guess, to me, they add a lot of character to a room/bed/couch/etc. We have tons on our bed (when I actually take the time to make it up...I'm a terrible house-keeper), and Daniel thinks they're absolutely pointless.

Anyways, I've been lusting over these velvet throw pillows from Urban Outfitters.

I especially want the aqua pintuck pillow...geez.

Searched Etsy for throw pillows and found these lovelies.

I LOVE the texture & color of this pillow!! Found in VSquaredV2's shop.

I'm definitely a sucker for anything with birds on it...and I love the color palette on this pillow. It would fit in nicely pretty much anywhere in our house. Found in NestleAndSoar's shop.

LOVE this little guy!! There are so many adorable ones to choose from...I fell in love with these colors though. Found in fongstudio's shop.

The texture and color of this one just scream summer to me. Our bed is too wintery right now...I'm DYING to get some more summery bedding on it. I'd love to brighten up our room a bit and this pillow is definitely the direction I'd like to go in. So beautiful! Found in dedeetsyshop's shop.

I also love pretty much anything by Dwell Studio that I can find at Target...especially these pillows...I'd love to get my hands on the one with the rosettes on it...I debate getting it every time I go.

Now's the time to put my head to my own pillows & rest...big day tomorrow! I've got to get up early and drive to Winfield to shoot a wedding. I'm super-excited about it! I love the opportunity to document someone's special day & the couple I'll be with tomorrow is so, so great. Goodnight, all!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a day late.

I forgot yesterday was Tuesday. I don't normally have Tuesdays off, so it threw me off a bit. I didn't really know what to do with myself. Daniel & I went to the Y together and worked out...I was worn out afterwards, but it felt so good! We ended up getting lunch at Rivertown and taking it (and Simon) to the park with us. I sewed for a while last night, too! I've missed it so much. It's becoming an addiction. I just wish our studio room was cleaned up/out enough that I could do it in there instead of having to set up our card table in the living room. We really need a house with closets.

Anywho, time for the weekly "5 things I like" post.

1. Red Velvet Art.

I started following Elsie's blog a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it! She's so crafty (and so are the other ladies involved) and inspiring. Seeing her posts and projects makes me want to create more and, I keep getting more ideas for photoshoots and such. I love it. You should definitely check out their stuff.

2. My bike.

I can't believe I still haven't taken any photos of my actual bike...but then again, I like to carry very little with me when I ride it...and my camera is heavy. So, this photo is from the Trek website...but this is the exact bike that he got me...the colors remind me of a banana. I like it...and I LOVE not driving my car everyday. It feels really good.

3. Detoxing.

4. Quilts.

(Found this one on Flickr.)

(Also found on Flickr...and I found this lady's awesome blog as well...check it out!)

Daniel & I have a nephew on the way thanks to my beautiful sister-in-law and her husband, and I thought that a quilt would be the perfect gift for him! His name is Isaiah (unsure of the middle name as of right now). Brianna crocheted us a throw as a wedding gift that we absolutely love...and I've always wanted to make a I'm going to give it a go. I'll try to document/blog my progress...keep in mind though, I have no clue what I'm doing.

5. Cold pizza.


Random, I know...but we had pizza for dinner...and I'm eating the leftovers right now...gotta get in all the bad food I can before tomorrow...well, not really. But I still had some calorie allowance left for the day, so I figured it was alright.

That's all for now...hopefully I'll have time to start on that quilt tomorrow. I'll also try to update on the detox. I'm pretty excited about it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've made it my goal to use my camera(s) more...lately, it's been the Minolta, but I've been using my 30D a little more as well. I'll try to get some of my 35mm photos up once I get the rolls developed and have the time to scan them.

First, photos from last week's trip to Nashville...I only shot a few while we were at Grimey's.

And photos from LAST Saturday. Daniel graduated! We celebrated with Olivia & Browan later that night.

**this post is about a week overdue...not really sure how/why that happened.

5 things.

Well, the past week has been a bit busy. I drove up to Nashville last Tuesday to pick Olivia up from the airport (she was gone for 2 whole weeks!) and we had a lovely day up there. Daniel graduated on Saturday! I may do another post after this one, seeing as I have photos from both...and our little celebration Saturday night. Anywho...I know it's after midnight, but it's technically still Tuesday for, time for 5 things that I like.

1. Octopi. (Is that really the correct plural form of octopus?)

I keep seeing more and more octopus items on etsy...I LOVE this shirt so much! Found in darkcycle's etsy shop. They have some pretty amazing shirts...all kinds of animals on bicycles.

I don't smoke, but I really want this cigarette case by CosmicFirefly.

2. Dwell Studio Bedding.

I want this bedding SO BAD. Seriously...I've been searching for something a little more summery for our bedroom, and this is it. Unfortunately, they only have a king coverlet at our Target and this is now unavailable online. I will find it. I need it.

3. Vinyl.

(both photos are mine.)

Daniel and I already have a sizable vinyl collection, but over the past month or so have been steadily adding to it. I had my first experience at Grimey's in Nashville last week, and I was in heaven. I bought The Dead Weather's new album "Sea of Cowards" as well as She & Him's "Volume Two" for Daniel (he had to work and couldn't go with us). We also added to our collection back in April on Record Store Day (She & Him's "Volume One," The Grass Roots, and Heartless Bastards' "The Mountain"). Vinyl just sounds better.

4. My Minolta X-700.

Ok, so this isn't actually MY Minolta, but I loved this photo...and mine is very similar. I've become far too reliant on the convenience of shooting digital and have become somewhat lazy while shooting. I take for granted the fact that I can take 500 photos in an hour and weed out the bad ones. I don't want to take bad photos anymore. Now, I know that not every shot will be perfect or mind-blowing, but I feel that shooting more film will force me to focus on what I'm doing and think about taking a good photo the first time. So many photographers now shoot and shoot and shoot, pull their photos into Photoshop, run some actions on them, and call it good photography. I'm not ok with that. I want to get it right the first time instead of letting Photoshop fix my mediocre photos. I'm tired of being mediocre. 

Also, as a side note, I am in the market for a Mamiya C330 (or C220 for that matter). I've never shot medium format and have never even touched a TLR I'm super-excited about getting one.

5. Sewing.

I've got to get my table cleaned off so I can sew some more...I've got so many projects half finished, but my sewing table is so junked-up right now that I can't get to it to finish anything. I've got to get our house organized so I can create things. I miss making things.

That's all for now.

Photo post next?? Maybe so.

Check back next Tuesday for my next installment of "5 things I like."


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 things.

Tuesdays shall be henceforth known for posts of "5 things I like." 

1. Mint green.

I love all the accent pieces in this room...especially those shelves!! I need more organization in my life.

Honestly, I love most shades of green...and in this photo, I actually prefer the green of the refrigerator...I want it in my home!

(last 2 photos from

LOVE this mustache pillow!! Found in sewluckygirl's Etsy shop.

I want this so bad. Found in lizhutnick's Etsy shop.

I love this print so much! So simple & fresh...2 things I love about spring. Found in farouche's Etsy shop.

2. The Dead Weather.

(photo source here.)
Their album "Horehound" hasn't left the cd player in my car since I put it in there. Daniel & I got the chance to go see them live on April 27th at the Workplay Theater in Birmingham...they were IN-CRED-I-BLE. Oh my gosh. Totally blew my mind. I can't wait for their new album to come out!

3.  Vintage luggage.

I especially love old train mom had one similar to this when I was growing up...I wish she wouldn't have gotten rid of her old red luggage. It always reminded me of family vacations when I was growing up...but when my family had to move to Miami, down-sizing forced her to get rid of it. This beauty was found in plaidpony's Etsy shop.

LOVE floral luggage! Especially the colors in this little suitcase...I want one of these to turn into a camera bag. Found in CassiesAttic's Etsy shop.

(photo source here.)
Vintage luggage is just so much more appealing than modern luggage...just saying.

4. MadMen.

(photo source here.)
Daniel and I are totally hooked on this show. I love the scandalous plotline, but I honestly don't even pay attention to it sometimes...the show's just too pretty! I want Joan's a bad way.

5. My boys.

I know, I know...getting a bit sappy towards the end...but they both make me happy on a daily basis. 

Daniel is the most wonderful man I've ever met in my entire life...I can't believe we've been married almost 5 months already! So crazy. 

And little Simon. My have something get as excited as he does when I walk through the door never gets old. He's like a little affection sponge...and already spoiled more than he should be. I've never had a dog let me hold them like a baby for more than 30 seconds, but Simon will stay in my lap in that position for 10-15 minutes and fall asleep. He's too precious. I'm so incredibly blessed.

On another note, my good, good friend Olivia has been out of town for the past 2 weeks and I get to pick her up from the airport tomorrow!!! I can't wait. I've missed her terribly. Browan & I are driving up to Nashville in the morning to get her. Well, until next time, I suppose! Maybe I'll have some photos to post from the trip tomorrow...we'll see!