Saturday, May 29, 2010

wishful thinking.

or blogging, rather...for some reason, I have throw pillows on my mind. It could be because I've been sewing more lately. I used to make throw pillows (or at least covers for them) pretty frequently. I would try to sell them at First Fridays here in town, but they never now all the ones I've made are scattered about our house. I don't know why I've always loved them so much...I guess, to me, they add a lot of character to a room/bed/couch/etc. We have tons on our bed (when I actually take the time to make it up...I'm a terrible house-keeper), and Daniel thinks they're absolutely pointless.

Anyways, I've been lusting over these velvet throw pillows from Urban Outfitters.

I especially want the aqua pintuck pillow...geez.

Searched Etsy for throw pillows and found these lovelies.

I LOVE the texture & color of this pillow!! Found in VSquaredV2's shop.

I'm definitely a sucker for anything with birds on it...and I love the color palette on this pillow. It would fit in nicely pretty much anywhere in our house. Found in NestleAndSoar's shop.

LOVE this little guy!! There are so many adorable ones to choose from...I fell in love with these colors though. Found in fongstudio's shop.

The texture and color of this one just scream summer to me. Our bed is too wintery right now...I'm DYING to get some more summery bedding on it. I'd love to brighten up our room a bit and this pillow is definitely the direction I'd like to go in. So beautiful! Found in dedeetsyshop's shop.

I also love pretty much anything by Dwell Studio that I can find at Target...especially these pillows...I'd love to get my hands on the one with the rosettes on it...I debate getting it every time I go.

Now's the time to put my head to my own pillows & rest...big day tomorrow! I've got to get up early and drive to Winfield to shoot a wedding. I'm super-excited about it! I love the opportunity to document someone's special day & the couple I'll be with tomorrow is so, so great. Goodnight, all!

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