Friday, May 7, 2010

fresh blog. fresh start.

Hello all!

I have a blog already on tumblr, which is super-easy to use, but it's making me lazy. All I find myself doing is re-blogging posts from other people instead of posting actual content. I'm trying to make a fresh start with all of this.

Lately I've been inspired to detox/cleanse body, my house, my car (it's probably the worst). I just want everything to be clean and a new blog seemed fitting.

So here we are...a new dumping ground for day-to-day ramblings, projects, photos, inspiration, etc. Also, I made a new Etsy account earlier with the goal to fill it with wonderfully crafted hand-made home goods by the end of summer.

Check back soon for photos, inspiration, projects...whatever I get the urge to share first!

Thanks for following!

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