Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Again, blog-wise...not life-wise. I can't believe I haven't posted since late July!!! So crazy.

I am sitting in an airport right now with my good friend Kelli waiting on our flight to Dallas. We have a layover in Atlanta...and thanks to terrible weather in Atlanta, our flight keeps getting delayed more and more.

Life has been ridiculous the past few months. I started working a second part-time job at Gap. I love the people I work with...but retail is retail...not terrible...but definitely not what I want to do with the rest of my life. Daniel and I found a different house (PRAISE GOD) and moved about a month ago. I've been doing more freelance work/photos here & there, which has been nice. ALSO! I just started doing freelance work for one of the agencies in town...they FINALLY called me 3 months after applying. My first project is doing catalog covers, schedule covers, ads, and eventually a photoshoot (they were excited that I'm a photographer as well) for a local community college. It's my first freelance gig that I'll get paid REAL money for. I'm so excited!

But yes, I'm on my way to Dallas...Kelli got accepted to an art show and I'm tagging along. Well, my work got accepted too, but I wouldn't have known anything about it if she hadn't already been going. I'm excited, but pretty nervous. This is my first art show outside of anything school-related...well, that's not in Florence. It's my first time getting "out" in the art world (so to speak)...and the trip hasn't gone terribly smoothly so far. Yay.

Well, we're paying for internet at the airport...we figured it was worth it since we keep getting delayed, but I'm going to save the battery on my laptop for now and log off...I just bought 2 magazines to look through. I love magazines.

I'll really try to do better about updating more...especially since I put my blog address on the back of some postcards I made for the show.