Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 things.

A day late, again...I know. I don't really know why I'm working on this right now seeing as I have a terrible headache and staring at the screen isn't helping any. My other plans for the afternoon require me being up and moving and I just don't feel like that right, 5 things.

1. Hummus.

I made some at 11pm last night because I've been craving it lately. Daniel and I have been eating healthier lately so this is the perfect snack! I have a pretty basic recipe that his mom gave me...I'm not sure where she got it from, but I know she adapted it to her taste...and I've done the same! I also cut up lots of fresh veggies to have them ready to snack on...I do better if I take care of everything all at once. I'm a terrible procrastinator.

2. Scottish Terriers.

Scotties are my favorite dogs, hands down. They have so much personality! I've loved every one I've ever had (which has been quite a few). Daniel and I adopted Simon from the Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue and he has been the best dog we could've ever gotten. If you're thinking about getting a dog, PLEASE consider adopting one!! There are so many wonderful dogs out there that need loving homes.

I love my little buddy...and yes, that is my husband in a kilt.

3. Clocks.

I especially want that little suction cup clock for my shower. I've gotten my cell phone wet so many times checking the time while I'm showering.

4. High Waist Skirts.

High waist skirts are so feminine and sexy! Super-flattering. Ladies, you have curves...please show them off...and if you don't have curves, you should still try a high waist skirt. Depending on the style of skirt, it can help give the illusion of curves.

5. This room.

Oh my goodness...I would love to be able to have a space to do a mural like this...AND, I think I may now turn mine & Daniel's 4-post bed into a tent somehow.

Well, now is the time for me to stop blogging for the day and get to some of the many projects I need to finish this week. I've got photos to edit, wedding albums to design, tattoos to design (some friends have asked), furniture to paint, quilts to sew...the list goes on and on.

Maybe first I should go visit Daniel at work and get some espresso...I'm beginning to suspect this is why my headache hasn't left yet. I most definitely have a caffeine addiction.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I would love to make a tent over my bed.... Visiting from RVA Camp :)

  2. Hello!
    I've been trying to visit fellow RVA campers as well. =)