Wednesday, July 7, 2010

catching up.

Well, I didn't get a "5 things" post done last week...Daniel and I were traveling home from my parents house. Looks like I won't get one done this Tuesday either (considering it's now Wednesday). I may just need to pick another day to do those...or it may just end up being whatever my off-day is for the week (which is today).

The day after we got back from my parents house, we had 3 of our friends (members of Sparrow + the Ghost) from Tuscaloosa come visit. They, along with Daniel, had a show at Old Town Tavern Friday night. Good times.

Saturday, we all headed out to Rhodesville for the 13th Annual Music, Fireworks, & Chicken Stew Festival. It was held on a couples land...the couple, George & Ladonna, invite people to come camp on their land all weekend. Saturday, they have live music, TONS of food, and fireworks. It was the epitome of southern hospitality. Saturday's weather was was a little toasty when we first got out there, but once the sun went behind the trees, it was heaven. Also, two of our good friends were in town for the weekend visiting family and they came out to the festival as well. I shot a composite of them while they were here since I usually only get to see them 2-3 times a year. I miss them so much!

Here are some photos from Saturday.

(to view this large on Flickr, click here.)

That's all for now...I've got lots of things to get taken care of this afternoon before everyone comes over for the Art Hive meeting. 

HOWEVER! I do have a bit of exciting news (well, exciting to me). A friend of mine that taught photography at UNA just got a job in Virginia and will be moving very soon (sad for me). She has a set of studio lights that she no longer wants/needs and is giving them to me...they're messed up right now, so I'll have to get them fixed, but it will still be much much cheaper than buying some...I'm so excited! I'm getting an amazing set of lights! Such a blessing.

Have an awesome Wednesday!

(If I have time later, a 5 things post may make an appearance.)

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