Saturday, July 10, 2010


I spent a while tonight working on a little project that I plan on using to make postcards...or just small prints to sell at First Fridays. I may eventually order stickers with the graphic on them...I'd put one on my car.

I can't find my brayer anywhere...or my paper cutter for that frustrating. Hopefully the prints will turn out better once I find the brayer...and I didn't want to waste ink for test prints right now, so I've been using acrylic paint. It's too thin.

I've actually been feverishly jotting down ideas for prints & other projects as well as sketching like crazy...I like feeling productive. Also, I went to see my friend Sydney at work today. She's interning at GAS Studio in's so amazing! I got to tour the studio & see where she's living right now. I met the owner/photographer/designer, Robert Rausch and got to talk to him for a while. He said that he's seen me around & started asking me about the Art Hive. There's a possibility that some exciting things could happen for me as a result of going over there, but I'll wait til later to talk about that...don't want to jinx it.

On a more personal note, Daniel and I have been together for 4's been the best 4 years I could've ever asked for...not the easiest 4 years of my life (not because of him, though), but definitely the best. I love him more than I could ever even attempt to put into words.

Here's the first picture that we ever took together:

And 4 years later...

We look so different! It's ridiculous.

And now we have Simon!!! He stayed right by my side all night while Daniel was at work...such a good little helper.

The room you see in the background is my office/the guest room. I painted it purple before Daniel moved in...I really wanted a purple room. That gigantic painting over the bed was my final project for the only New College class I ever's also the only oil painting I've ever done. I can't wait til the Art Hive's open. I really want to experiment more with oil paint but can't do it in our house...I'm afraid I'll ruin the floors.

I drug out all of my supplies for screenprinting tonight...hopefully I'll have time to mess around with it tomorrow. I've got frames and fabric sitting around. I bought some drawing fluid today & I found my staple gun! I should be good to go.

Well, I've gotta open in the morning...yay. I should probably go to bed. I have to be there in 6 hours.


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