Wednesday, July 21, 2010

getting back in the swing of things...

After a few weeks of being lazy (blog-wise, not life-wise), I'm going to try to post more consistently. I've just been working on so many projects lately, I haven't been on my laptop as much. However, more of the upcoming work I have involves technology, so posts will be much easier to fit into my schedule.

I have a few photos to share that I've been holding off on sharing because the content was supposed to be somewhat of a surprise...but they got the package yesterday, so I can share them now.

I've been trying to get back into printmaking, screen printing specifically (as I mentioned in my post last night) and my good friends in Sparrow + the Ghost are looking to get shirts, I decided to print one for them and see if they possibly wanted me to do them instead of having to order them through a print shop...especially since they're wanting to print some of them on vintage/thrift store finds as well as with different color inks. Here's what came of it!

Design in the screen before I added the screen filler...I did this the "down-&-dirty" way...didn't mess with emulsion or anything like that...just drawing fluid & screen filler. Maybe once I have more room to work, I can try the emulsion...I have it with the rest of my printing supplies, waiting to be used.

Annnnnnd...the finished shirt.

The photos turned out a little yellow...sorry about that. I just did a quick edit of them. I've been pricing better mesh, screens, ink, etc...the screen I have now is working fine, but I'm afraid it may not hold up depending on the number of prints I'll be making.

I've been working on re-branding myself...and I may have come up with a separate name for this printing endeavor...I'll share more when I have it all finished. I'm pretty excited about it.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!

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