Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've been a busy little bee...feels so good! I finished a logo for a contest the No'Ala is having next year called Shoals Perfect Wedding. They're giving away a free wedding to a bride...so awesome! Local vendors are donating their services and I was chosen to do the invites and other paper goods. I'm so excited! They also wanted me to do the logo for the contest.

I sent it tonight...still waiting to hear back and see if I need to make any changes to it.

I've been working on a campaign for a local community college as well. It feels good to get more freelance work! I also had a bride get in touch with me this week to do a wedding in December. I feel so blessed to be getting work.

Also, I've been making plans to start my own wedding-related business.........more on that later.

I'm SO CLOSE to having our new house in order! I'll post photos of it once it's done. =) I've got to finish painting our studio and kitchen and then get those in order...then all that's left is getting things hung on the walls. SO READY to have it done!

That's pretty much all I've got as far as the update goes. Photo post later from the Cicada Screamers show last Friday.

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