Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cicada Screamers.

My husband's band, Cicada Screamers, played the Black Owl "Ballroom" this past Friday night. The show was supposed to be IN the Black Owl, but the owner of the building across the street offered his space to have the show since there's a TON more room in there. It didn't have quite the same feeling as a Black Owl show, but there was plenty of room in there for the crowd that showed up...and it was so much fun! I absolutely love Daniel's new band. I mean, I know I'm pretty biased...but even if he wasn't in the band, I would still love them. They're garage rock with a little surf influence and everyone that's heard them so far has loved them. The lights were pretty sucky in there, but I was decently happy with most of the shots I got.

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